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Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi Lovelies! :)

Yes, here it is: NOVEMBER! :)
Come and check out my newbies for the holiday season!

 Sleeping Owllet set... in frosted light blue, rock crystal and sky blue bell flowers! Awww! :)

Porcelain owl with blue and white accents. :)

Floral cameo set - necklace in black, white and coral. :)

Necklace and ring set - vintage dreamy jewelry. :) Onyx and faux pearls.

Little Owl in black and white. Sleeping in a forest. Awesome <3 Porcelain owllet and onyx bead.

 Vanilla and cobalt blue bell flower. Secret garden mini dangle earrings. :)

Purple and snow white necklace and hair pin set. ;) White jade beads.

 Sky blue necklace and ring set. :)
Fresh and lovely flower bouquet: mum flower & roses!

Enjoy your day!

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