A Real Wedding

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hi Lovelies,

Here is a short picture report of a real wedding, a summer wedding...
A real wedding... Actually my wedding. :)

Bride and groom - duo picture. Wrist Corsage and Boutonniere handmade by me. :)
Our wedding bands.
A hot summer afternoon. ;)
A pretty little lady kiss the bride :) Cuteness.
Gorgeous pastel colored cottonball string light. I love it! :)

Photo: Adam Biri
Florist: Plantomime
Boutonniere: SenoritaJoya
Cotton Ball Light String: Ginew
Wedding Bands: Bartha Ékszer

Enjos your day, xoxo

Floral Bridal Hair Pin Ideas

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Emerald Green and Gold Hair Pin

SenoritaJoya's Hair Pins

White Hair Pins

Blue and Gold Hair Pins

White and Gold Hair Pins
Black and Gold Hair Pins
You can find bridal hair pins here.

Enjoy your day, xoxo

Blue and Natural Wedding Inspiration

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beautiful wedding product credits:
Floral Crown: AmoreBride
Bridal Ballet Flats: BeholdenBridal
Wooden Wall Sign: OldNewAgain
Bird Cage Card Holder: OldSouthRevival

Enjoy your day! xoxo

Handmade DIY Wedding Invitation

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hi Lovelies,

Here is my handmade DIY Wedding Invitation project in pictures :)
If you'd have questions I'd be happy to answer about this home made project!

You'll need these to make something like this invitation:
  • folded craft paper (I've used this: Rössler A/6 karton 2 részes 105x148mm, 220 grams)
  • washi tapes - choose 3 or 4 patterns you like, in 2 main colors
  • tiny cotton tread in matching colors (I've used pink and white)
  • strong silky cotton string for the bunting (I've used pink and orange, but one color can do as well)
  • a sharp scissor
  • a sharp blade
  • paper puncher (I've used heart shaped)
  • stamp (I've used small butterfly shaped, letters and some cool vintage looking patterns)
  • ink (I've used vibrant yellow, gold and pastel pink)
  • needle - a huge one :) which you can use for the strong silky cotton string (the base of the bunting)
  • cellotape - to fix the ending parts of strings and ribbon
  • 6 mm wide ribbon - I've used pink and white
  • rustic raffia string
  • brown gift paper - 1-1 stripe for each set holding the finished invitation cards under the rustic raffia string and bow
  • ombre heart invitation template from WeddingChicks
  • laser printer
  • double sided tape
  • glue
  • and patience - hihi ;)

Enjoy your day, xoxo

Handmade DIY Wedding Ideas

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My handmade wedding decor in pics ;)

You can find all DIY decor parts as "writing" on pictures.
All of them was handmade by me and my beloved husband. :)
I'll show you some werk pictures soon.

This post shows "only" the result of our ideas and DIY projects which was a wonderful experience for us.
To be continued...

 >>  WeddingChicks and EatDrinkChic for fabulous wedding printables
 >>  Pinterest  for help me to collect all the beautiful wedding ideas and inspiration pictures 
 >>  murumuru this is my husband's creative project
 >>  MyWoodenWorld for creating our initials for the dessert table backdrop
>>   DaubnerCukrászda for creating our lovely cakes - we had 3 diferent cakes ;) - the one you can see above is a delicious Orange Truffle Cake
>>  NormakertVendéglő for hosting our wedding party

Have a lovely day! xoxo

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