Vacation in Bari, Italy

Monday, July 6, 2015

Vacation in Bari, Italy

It's been a long time since I've written a post for my beloved blog. Time flies - yes. Now here I come with a short summery of my awesome vacation in South Europe: Bari, Italy and Polignano a Mare, Italy (both in Puglia county).

First of all if you hesitate: just do it - go to South Italy. It has such a nice atmosphere and more cozy than North cities - like Rome for example (which is lovely, but that's a metropolis). We had our 2nd wedding anniversary with my sweetheart in June and we had an idea to make it more memorable and fun than just a dinner. As we had only a few days for this plan we've picked a destination which is romantic and not so far from Budapest. First we thought Venice, Italy would e nice... but then we've changed our mind as the June is more likely for a real SUMMER destination.

So, we checked different Italian cities and have found Bari - which is 1 hour and 25 minutes by air. And we found it has a cute name, as "bari" meaning in Hungarian: diminutive form of lamb, a little lamb : ) We've picked an apartment in downtown and spent a really fun time in Bari and we visited Polignano a Mare justly famous for its lovely beach - which is 20 minutes from Bari via train and the trains in Italy are air conditioned, run frequently plus cheap - justly famous for its lovely beach.

Here comes the pics : )

Bari, Italy - downtown
Bari, Italy - port
Bari, Italy - look up
Bari, Italy - cycles in old town district
Bari, Italy - my fav mint green shuttered building
Bari, Italy - port by night walk
And more pics : )

Polignano a Mare - view from the beach
Polignano a Mare - seaside

Polignano a Mare -the beach

Polignano a Mare - the beach
Plus a probably well-known advice: eat pizza, focaccia and ice-cream (Italian word: gelato) in small places, they'll be your favs beside the beach ; )

We've tried some places which had really good ranking on Tripadvisor and have to tell you, they're crazy good!!! : )

Cibo' in Bari - the chef and tones of yammieness

Cibo' in Bari - a heavenly Margarita slice and a ruccola-tomato-mozzarella cheese "cold" pizza

Gusto Caruso Gelateria e Yogurteria in Polignano a Mare

Well, it has so many-many cool places... We ate so many delicious streetfood that we didn't had more space for eating in a classic style restaurant. Haha. But next time we'll try one. Planning to go back to this awesome part of Europe.

Have a lovely day and GO TO BARI, Italy! : )
...and Polignano a Mare too.

xo, Dorottya

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