Christmas Market in Vienna

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Glass Christmas Ornaments - Christmas Market in Vienna

Sweets - Christmas Market in Vienna

People - Christmas Market in Vienna

Westbanhof Railway Station - Vienna

Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria, Europe, Earth.

HI Lovelies,

We just get back home from a lovely city, Vienna. My husband and me have spent a day with our collage friends there and had a beautiful day: walk along downtown in amaizing sunny but cold weather, parks, seen gorgeous buildings (parlament, museum district, city hall etc.), tasted some traditional market foods - sweets and not so sweets as well. We enjoyed it and planning to go back again in spring - as it could be more fun when it is warm & sunny ;)

We had a beautiful sunny day :)

Christmas market - Colorful handmade ornaments, angels and golden ornaments

 Enjoy your day, xoxo

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