Handmade DIY Wedding Ideas

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My handmade wedding decor in pics ;)

You can find all DIY decor parts as "writing" on pictures.
All of them was handmade by me and my beloved husband. :)
I'll show you some werk pictures soon.

This post shows "only" the result of our ideas and DIY projects which was a wonderful experience for us.
To be continued...

 >>  WeddingChicks and EatDrinkChic for fabulous wedding printables
 >>  Pinterest  for help me to collect all the beautiful wedding ideas and inspiration pictures 
 >>  murumuru this is my husband's creative project
 >>  MyWoodenWorld for creating our initials for the dessert table backdrop
>>   DaubnerCukrászda for creating our lovely cakes - we had 3 diferent cakes ;) - the one you can see above is a delicious Orange Truffle Cake
>>  NormakertVendéglő for hosting our wedding party

Have a lovely day! xoxo

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