Handmade DIY Wedding Invitation

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hi Lovelies,

Here is my handmade DIY Wedding Invitation project in pictures :)
If you'd have questions I'd be happy to answer about this home made project!

You'll need these to make something like this invitation:
  • folded craft paper (I've used this: Rössler A/6 karton 2 részes 105x148mm, 220 grams)
  • washi tapes - choose 3 or 4 patterns you like, in 2 main colors
  • tiny cotton tread in matching colors (I've used pink and white)
  • strong silky cotton string for the bunting (I've used pink and orange, but one color can do as well)
  • a sharp scissor
  • a sharp blade
  • paper puncher (I've used heart shaped)
  • stamp (I've used small butterfly shaped, letters and some cool vintage looking patterns)
  • ink (I've used vibrant yellow, gold and pastel pink)
  • needle - a huge one :) which you can use for the strong silky cotton string (the base of the bunting)
  • cellotape - to fix the ending parts of strings and ribbon
  • 6 mm wide ribbon - I've used pink and white
  • rustic raffia string
  • brown gift paper - 1-1 stripe for each set holding the finished invitation cards under the rustic raffia string and bow
  • ombre heart invitation template from WeddingChicks
  • laser printer
  • double sided tape
  • glue
  • and patience - hihi ;)

Enjoy your day, xoxo

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