Bridal Set - how it was in the begining?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

As promised in the last post, I tell you how it was all about w/ Agnes' bridal jewelry set.
I've received a cute wedding invitation from two friends of mine. I was really glad to hear about their plans! The next thing was the wedding gift on my mind. After chating with the bride about everything I have found out what if I'd design and create a pair of earrings and/or a necklace for her? And that would be my gift for their wedding.

You can say it is a one-side gift, as it is for the bride only... But actually it was a gift for both sides as the groom can enjoy the sparkly smile on his beloved bride's face! And this is priceless in my opinion.

So, we had the idea and was excited about it. I asked her to tell me all the details of her plans: dress, hair, place, colors and so on. She sent me pictures about them and of jewelry she likes.

Here you can see some of them:

Drop or pear shaped dangle earrings.

 Oval shaped dangle earrings.

Hairstyles she loved to have.

The time was quite short: we realized two weeks full of programs such as dress trying, hunting for wedding shooes, and working meanwhile... will fly away. Many-many "dates" we wanted to meet each other was canceled because of some prior task she had to do.

Will continue with this story next time. Now it is a weekend, summertime! Let's get ourselfs to go out & have fun we have a beautiful warm sunny day!
Enjoy your day!

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