Bright Summer days?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm planing to make some photos of newly finished earrings & necklaces today. Sun is shining, so it is a good day for this kind of activity. Yuppie!

I've finished one, it is a pretty purple & white bridesmaid jewelry, OK I show you:

You'll find this sweetie  in my "Wedding earrings" shop section:

Well, I have to take a short break w/ my picture making stuff, as somebody rings our bell.
We expect two visitors.
Telling you why:

This summer is a strange one: Monday raining 16 C, Tuesday cloudy 21 C, Wednesday sunny 30 C - rather say it's spring. My favorite season is spring, so it isn't a complain anyway!

The apartment where I live together w/ my honey has many-many windows, lucky we!!! We have bright livingroom and kitchen as well. We can see big green trees all around: chestnut w/ lovely pinkish white flowers (now they're gone and it's full w/ green leaves). To be honest it was one of the main points when we started to rent our place: green, calm, bright surroundings.

We had some rainy days. Once we were hearing drop-drop-drop. After tirckling sound. We didn't have a clue where is it come from. Then we figured out there is a fault on a window's edge - outside...
Now here is a handyman w/ the owner of the flat. Two men. I think there will be many things to repair on windows... I can think about only that everything will be quick and smooth w/ this repairing stuff.

Please-please let it be.

Enjoy your day!

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