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Saturday, July 14, 2012

To be honest my favorite jewelry category is not an is, but are earrings! ; )))
So, what does it mean to me? It means that I love the most to wear & create earrings the most! <3
Wonder if you have the same feelings... Perhaps, you're a ring-maniac or a bracelet-fan or necklace-crazy type? It is all OK! I can understand your feelings then!

Yes, there is one more thing I didn't mention: all jewelry-lovers. Well, they could "eat" anything what sparkling actually! They have the hardest project! Hihi... They never can get enough jewelry. I mean they have not only a list, but a huge circle about the next jewelry they need. Woohoo, lucky me!

As a jeweler I've met some "all jewelry crazy" girls, women, chicks, ladies - and can tell you, they're adorable! It could be so sweet when one of them appologies about they have choosen a whole set, not only one piece of jewelry! Really adorable when they try on them and got that stary eyes.

Perhaps I have mentioned already, I have a newbie project: I design & create wedding jewelry. That gives me so much. Actually I'm inspired by a pretty bridal dress, a beautiful bridal bouquet, a place where a wedding will be and most of all a happy engaged couple.

I show you some of them:

White roses bouquet by Morgan Hill Designs

Asymmetrical bridal dress by Pronovias

Happy engaged couple by real life. :)

What you can see on this 3rd pic is the main point of the inspiration. She wored my bridal jewelry set on her big day. I can tell you in this project everything started w/ earrings on my side... What a surprise?! 

She had the dress you can see upper and she planned to have a full white bouquet - not that one up there but something like that.

Next time I'll tell you how it was: planing, trying, creating  a handmade jewelry set for her big day.
Enjoy your day!

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