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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dorottya is a newbie on Etsy.

Come & visit! ✿

About me:

✿ Dorottya is a lucky girl. When she was 7 years old she already knew she'll be a jeweller. At primary school she had a task: "Write down what you would like to be in the future!". She did. Jeweller. "Easy task." - she thought. Her teacher told one is not enough... "Write at least one more profession!". "Ooops! Now this is a really hard task for me..." - she felt. So, she wrote something, but deep inside she knew the other one doesn't count, it is only for this school-thing...

✿ Now she is making jewelry, mostly earrings. To be honest, she LOVES earrings. And necklaces as well. Earrings are always her No. 1.

✿ Bridal jewelry-creating started a few month ago for her, as 2 of her friends planed to getting married... When she received the invitation one thing was on her mind: what should she give them as a wedding gift? After chatting with the bride (Agnes) - she told everything about her dress and hair style plans - Dorottya decided to design a set for Agnes. She is a fresh wife already and was wearing her SenoritaJoya's earrings and necklace proudly on her big day. ♥
Living happily ever after.

Have fun!
p.s.: I'm pretty new in blogging, so your kind comments are welcome! Thanks!!! <3

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