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Monday, July 16, 2012

Today I'm going to be quite quick... I mean probably it won't be my longest blog post ever... ;)

I'd like to share with you pictures with some small notes under each - how we communicated and inspired each other with Agnes (my frind, a bride). So, here is a photo-report about this process. Enjoy! <3

1) This pic is about some white & clear stuffs I had and thought would matching with Agnes' look.

2) This pair of earrings which I created and thought will fit for her. Then she thought it would be too much as she already made up her mind to have a necklace as well - not only a pair of earrings as told in the begining... Although she loved the style of this chandelier.

3) Something like this pair of earrings was her first idea to wear but... her dress was more matt than shiny, so decided to preferably have more paerls than more sparkly crystals.

4) On this pic you can see an idea for combination of pearls and crystals. But as we finally agreed she needed more chandelier-like earrings. Hihihhi...

5) On this last pic you can see their big day, happy married couple with champagne after the ceremony. <3

Of course you can find Agnes wearing her (final) bridal jewelry set. I've forgot to take a photo of the set - please don't ask why... I don't really have a reason for it. Hihi ;)

Living happily ever after.
Enjoy your day!

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